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Then it suddenly died. Smoke came from under the hood and through the vents. I let it sit and tried to start it the next day no start no crank and My 2003 X5 starts and runs fine 90% of the time. Once in a while it doesn't. All dash lights and electronics appear to work. I get a ride home and try the next day.
Oct 08, 2009 · Your push start technique is reversed. You must be in neutral first and then shift into gear in order for it to start. Note that your key must be in the ignition and turned to where you are just about to crank it over. If you do not do this, you will not get spark and you will get frustrated, because your car won’t start without spark.
My BMW 1992 e36 will crank but the engine will not turn over. My mechanic has checked the fuel, the spark plugs and the fuel pump are working. Mechanic thinks it's the factory alarm. Any help? 3 Answers. The remote has stopped working and I can only get into the car now with my key through the trunk, but as I said car will crank, but not turn over.