I'm trying to make a restart script for my FiveM server and this is the code that I have so far: @echo off :: Config TITLE CFR FIVEM SERVER set reboot1 = 00 set reboot2 = 06 set reboot3 = 12 set
This is a community server on FiveM on PC for GTAV. We host a 32 slot (currently) role-play server with loads of fantastic features to satisfy your role-play needs. We try and keep things as realistic as possible and encourage serious RP.
Expect the best of the best here, roleplay standards are high - and a good taste for roleplay is here to stay in this community, become a Law Enforcement Officer and take the law into your own hands tackling the crime in San Andreas or apply for Los Angeles Fire Department and be the finest Firefighter and save people in San Andreas!
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