Shōyō Hinata is a short, orange-haired first-year student (16 years old) of Karasuno High School. He loves volleyball and is an "Ultimate Decoy" in.
Hinata shifted in his chair, turning to face Atsumu in full. Fumiko could see the smirk on his face in profile. Insufferable. “Yakisoba pan and-” “Oh my god just go!” Fumiko burst out, tired of their ill-concealed flirting. Hinata threw her an alarmed look and she felt her cheeks go hot. She hadn’t meant to be so sharp and mean.
Director: Сусуму Мицунака, Синтаро Итога, Тэцуаки Ватанабэ and others. Starring: Аюму Мурасэ, Каито Исикава, Сатоси Хино and others. Producer: Эиити Такахаси, Джон Лэдфорд, Дэвид Дель Рио and others.
Shimeji-ee is a free open-source personalization program that lets little animated desktop companions keep you entertained. Originally developed by Yuki Yamada and improved by Kilkakon, this cool...